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White patches

Asked by Ann S from Northants: We discovered the original quarry tile floor in our victorian house. We have had it cleaned professionaally, but whit patches keep appreatin in the same small areas. What is this, how can we cure it and how can we restore the floor to the glowing red it was originally?

TileProf says: Hi Ann, Thanks for the post, sounds like the Tile Cleaners either didnt do a damp test before they sealed the Tiles and thus discolouration then occurs, or you have an Effloresence problem which has happened due a high volume of Water and Alkaline cleaners being used which gets through to the sub floor and causes a chemical reaction with the Mineral salts hidden in the Scree, can be a quite a common problem on old floors where their is no Damp Proof protection. Which ever one it is would mean the floor being stripped and cleaned again and left to dry thoroughly before the Sealer can be applied. Time to call back the Tile Cleaners as they should be made aware of this problem. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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