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marble floor absorbs most things and leaves stain

Asked by Benita Singer from Kitchen: What would you recommend to seal a dark brown shiny marble floor. It seems to absorb most things if not wiped immediately At the moment I am using your Nuetral Tile Cleaner but as I see from your website this is not a sealant. This was recommended by the Company who polishes the floor on a regular basis.

TileProf says: Hi Benita, Thanks for the e-mail, I Would use Tile Doctor Shine< its a Polish, rather than straight up sealer > Sealers dont work well on Polished stones as their sint enough porosity to accept one, a Polishing powder gives you the shine and added protection form spills etc plus helps to waterproof them as well, you will need to hire a buffing machine for this, I Would have throught the maintenance guys would have put a polish on for you as it was. The Neutral cleaner is just for weekly wet cleaning though it wont add to the polish or subtract from it neither. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/TD-Stone-Shine-Powder.asp Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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