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Glue over quarry tile

Asked by Shankar from Birmingham: Hi I have just removed some old tiles in my kitchen (which my surveyor called thermophilic tiles), and this has now exposed the underlying red quarry tiles. However the tiles are covered in most places with a black glue like substance. It is not sticky. I am afraid to scrape it off, in case I damage the underlying tile. Any suggestions on how to remove the glue without damaging the tile would be most appreciated. Regards Shankar

TileProf says: Hi Shankar, Not heard of Thermophilic Tiles before or have ever come across them, it might have been a Thermophylic resin which could have been melted onto your Tiles to create a bonded floor, but they dont make Tiles out of this process as ffar as I Know either way it wont be easy getting this old Bonded glue layer off the Tiles, the only process worth attempting is a chemicla nd Steam process. First apply some Tile Doctor Remove and Go mixed 50/50 with Nano-tech ultra clean and then left in place for at least 3 hours, and then scrub this off with water and the use a wall paper steamer to work on the old glue layers, this should then break down to allow a Wet Vc machine to come in and suck up the loose residue you will need to break this donw with water and a scrubbing brush at this stage to help lift it though and several rinses of water nwill be required as well. This process will not damage the Tile uinderneath and is perfectly safe on other Tiles as well. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor p.s see links below http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Nanotech-UltraClean.html http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Remover.html Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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