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White marks

Asked by Jon Owen from Essex: Hi. I have had a slate grey patio done, about 50sqm. I was not too happy with the look so jet washed and applied thompson wet look sealer. It looked great at first. I now have white marks mainly aroun the edges, I suspect applied before the cement grout was completely dry. What's your best advice? Regards

TileProf says: Hi Jon, Usualy if a sealer goes white within 24 hours of being applied it is down to damp, especailly difficult to seal outside as it rains so much in this country, so even if it was dry when it went down, if it rains later that day it will affect the sealer and cause a white Blotch or bloom in the wetter areas or maybe even all over. The only answer is to take it off and re-seal, you can use Remove and Go and Nano-clean for this, click below for more info on cleaning Slate Tiles. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Slate.html

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