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The floor tiles in our wetroom have darkened

Asked by Susan Allen from Derby: The Limestone tiles on our wetroom floor have darkened as if wet. We have underfloor heating, the tiles have been sealed and we haven't used any coloured products. This happened after only a few days use. The wall tiles haven't discoloured at all just the area where we stand. Can you solve this problem for me?

TileProf says: Hi Susan, When laying a white or cream Limestone the Tiler needs to use a White cement based adhesive, if he doesnt then this will make them darkn, there is no cure for this apart from tearing them up and re-tiling, the tiler should be aware of this problem if this is the case as most adhesive are Grey in colour. If the underfloor heating was on medium to high when the Sealer was applied this will affect how the sealer has dried and really the underfloor heating should have either been turned off or turned down to its lowest setting. Worst case for this is that the Stone will need to be cleaned and re-sealed again. Hope this answers your question. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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