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dark patches on pink tiles

Asked by mike from mallorca: outside terrace,cleaned with dilute acid mix,rinsed,10 days drying,sealed,shortly after dark red patches and blotches appear,what do i need to do to do to make colour uniform again and why did this happen

TileProf says: Hi Mike, It will be the Acid, Acid is not a cleaner, only Alkalines should be used on Tile Cleaning, the only time we use Acid is to remove a Grout Haze and even then its only left on the surface for a few minutes, scrubbed and rinsed off, Acid attacks the core of the Tile sthus causing Spotting, bloth marks and a generaly unhealthy look about the Tile, ther is no cure for this, the best you can do at this poit is to use a High pressure washer with an Alkaline cleaner to help Neutralise whatever Acid is still stuck in the Pores of the Tiles. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor

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