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White deposits

Asked by Carol Richardson from Kent: We have a house in France that has loveley hexagonal red quarry type tiles on the kitchen floor, they are very dull and need sealing however, they have white deposits on some of the tiles which maybe effervescence from the damp coming up from beneath is there any product that would help here?

TileProf says: Hi Carol, You could use a weak Acid and scrub it in neat, not sure what Acids are for sale in France, we used to be able to send it over until this year when New E.U Rules came in about Transportation of certtain Solvents and Chemicals between Memeber E.U States, now we cant get the goods sent out. An Acid will attack the Alkaline Crystals which cause the White bloom on your Tiles, but to be honest this problem will always resurface because you have no Damp proof course under the floors to stop it reoccuring. Also Acid in the long term can damage your Tiles and and any sealer already applied to them. The only answer is to take up the Tiles remove the concrete and Hardcore and relay it all with a Damp proof sheeting system then re-tile, this is the only real solution on the market. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor

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