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Deep Cleaning tiles

Asked by mandy thomson from angus: Hi Please can you help ? my spanish terracotta tiles were put down approx 10 years ago and originally sealed with Lithofin sealant and then waxed. I have re waxed them a couple of times over the years but are looking a bit grubby now especially around the floor edges.... I was thnking of steam cleaning the foor first then cleaning with Pro clean and then re sealing with seal and go ?? 1) would this be suitable/compatible ? 2) could I use High shine sealer for a better shine instead of seal and go ? 3) The floor is approx 20m2 would I require about 6L of seal and go or high shine if I needed 6 or so coats ? as it says 1L is only sufficient for about 25m2 ? Thank you

TileProf says: Hi Mandy, The cleaning process you have read upon is fine for inital cleaning, I wouldnt use the Steamer for general cleaning though after they have been sealed as the steamer will damage the seal. Also Seal and Go is the right sealer for Terra-cotta, the more you put on the shiner it goes.You will need a 5ltr bottle for 9 coats of seal and go on 20m2 Regards Russell at Tile Doctor

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