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Poor Installation

Asked by Paul from Bedfordshire: Hi, We recently purchases 20m2 of polished limestone from Top Tiles. We paid a proffessional tiler to come and tile our Ensuit. The floor area is only 2.5m2. After spending 3 days on the job he left, I came home and found the tiles to be smeary. Upon inspection it looks like the grout hasn't been washed off. I spoke to the tiler only to find that the grout has been sealed. He sealed, grouted and sealed. I managed to buff the floor somewhat back to the original dull polish the tiles had. however the wall do not come any where near there original look. when the light shines in all you can see is smeary grout. I have tried cleaning with limestone cleaner and grout adhesive. however all by hand. I have resorted to using (test area) a small metal pad, this manages to remove the grout without any damage to the tile. However i do not want to do this on all the tiles. I have had the tiler back. He told me he was using a extra strong grout remover, However after a hour he gave up. I have checked the grout remover and it says it shouldnt be used on polished tiles. So now i have dull tiles and smeary tiles. Can you help. Could the tiler have removed the polish using the wrong product. If so Can I repolish them. What is best to remove sealed in grout. Do you have a small hand held scrubber, as the floor area is only 2m2 most of the tiles are on the walls, so any substances placed on the wall simply run off. I wish I had of done it now. Please Please help.

TileProf says: Hi Paul, Not an easy one, the sealer will need to be taken off as will the grout and most of the high shine polish will need to be redone, on a wall as well is probably the most difficult of all jobs you can do in this business, as such you will need quite a bit of equipment and a knowledge of Stone polishing, not something you can do really, or at least even try to do. If you want a Tile Docto to have a look at it, click on the link below and they will be happy to come out and give you a free survey and price for doing the works. Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/HomeService.asp

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