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Brown discolouration

Asked by Etive from Surbiton: Hi - I have a couple of questions! I had some black riven slate floor installed in a renovation project. I have since had it cleaned and sealed but it looks like I have some brown discolouration - I think i read somewhere that this was iron deposits or something. Is it my imagination but does it come through over time. Additionally the slate is prone to tiny scratches - is there any hard sealer that I could use to help prevent these? And lastly - is there anything I could use to enrich the colour? Thanks

TileProf says: Hi Etive, Slate is a natural product and can be prone to shaling and mineral deposits coming through, not a lot can be done about this, its more evident in certain types of Slate than in others, it may be that it just needs areally good clean with say Tile Doctor Pro-clean and it may well come off, if the Slate is prone to stracthing then this may be the sealer, if the Slate was still a bit wet from cleaning and then sealer went down this can then lead the sealer to not dry correctly and make the surface a bit soft, again this can be remedied, follow the link below for what we recommend for cleaning and sealing Slate Tiles. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Slate.html

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