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How to finish floor tiles

Asked by Garry Rogers from Somerset: Hi, I have just put some slate tiles in two maxwells in a conservatory, I have left the adhesive to dry and wanted to check the procedure to finish them, do I have to seal them and if so are there matt or gloss options? And what's the best grout to use (can I get these from B&Q or local builders merchants ?)

TileProf says: Hi Garry, Thanks for the e-mail, its always best to seal first, leave to cure, then grout, leave to fully dry, then seal again, its upto you what type of sealer you require but the most popular one is called Seal and Go which gives off a nice low sheen finish and also lifts the colour as well. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/TD-Seal-Go.html

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