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Grout removal

Asked by Jo Millar from Kent: Hi, I have just bought a entire hallways worth of Encaustic and geometric tiles from e-bay. Some of these have quite a considerable amount of grout and screed still attached to them, which will need to be removed prior to re-laying. Can you recommend a product or technique that will remove the grout and screed quickly? Many thanks, Jo

TileProf says: Hi Jo, You could trya chemical Bath with these Tiles, simply find a large waterproof container < an old bath is great > and fill this with Tile Doctor Pro-clean < 2 ltrs > and a 1ltr of Nan-clean add to this water to fill to a 3rd way up the container mix it all in, then add to this the tiles, leave them to soak for a week and then take them outside and hiose them donw with water, leave to dry in the garage or shed and hopefully you will have a Tile which is now ready for Tiling with. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/TileGroutCleaner.html http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Nanotech-UltraClean.html

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