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Can you use porcelain tile on an outdoor patio & s

Asked by Barbara from Streatham, London: I would like to tile my patio with manilla black textured porcelain tiles. Will this stand all types of weather. Any tips on laying the tiles.

TileProf says: Hi Barbara, You had best check with the supplier to make sure the Tiles are fully frost proof, they should be if they are Porcelain, it should have a little frost symbol on the side of the box, its always best to lay outside Tiles with a slight fall so water falls to the drains and isnt left to stand. Always use a good quality bagged flexible adhesive like Mapei Keraquick, that way if there is any movement the adhesive will cope with it,and use alos a flexible floor grout like Mapei Ulra-colour which is also suitable for outside usage. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Mapei-Grout-Shop.asp#Ultracolour

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