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Sticky residue

Asked by Peter Tummon from London: I have used re-claimed red and black quarry tiles to recreate a path. Soon after they were laid, the red tiles started to discolour and a sticky gundgy residue started to appear. The only way I could erradicate this wasby cleaning them with paint stripper and whilst this has been successful to some degree, the red tiles continue to get dirty and sticky again within weeks (though not as bad as they did prior to cleaning with paint stripper). The black tiles are not afflicted strangely. Your advice on how to tackle this problem would be very much appreciated.

TileProf says: Hi Peter, Sounds like there is some old wax or sealer trapped in the Tiles, being re-claimed you never what you are going to get. I would try a solution of Remove and Go and Nnano-clean and apply this onto the Tile, leave for to work in for a few hours and then scrub and rinse with water, use a wet vac to suck up any remaining sealer or wax residue that comes to the surface.

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