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Asked by Simon from Norfolk: Hello, in our dining room we have discovered original 1900's quarry tiles laid on soil under the carpet. They are all intact but very dirty. There appears to be a couple of damp patches around some of tiles. We would like to keep them down as a surface what do you recommend for cleaning and sealing. will moisture still penetrate the tiles and make the room and tiles cold and wet.

TileProf says: Hi Simon, First I would hire a Wet vac machine if you dont have one and then apply our Remove and Go and Nano-tech cleaner, leave for an hour and then scrub and rinse the floor, then vac, then rinse with water and vac again, leave to dry for several days and then apply 4 to5 coats of Seal and Go. See link below for more info on cleaning thes old tiles. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Victorian.html

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