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Dulling of surface after application of HG sealer

Asked by Geoffrey Kingdon from South London: A new black & white path recently installed, have applied 3 coats of HG sealer as recommended by contractor & black tiles are now dull and 'scratchy' looking. Appearance seems improved on 2 'test' tiles after gently using a scraper & white spirit but do not wish to risk damage. Should I use a sealer remover and if so, should I treat them futher?

TileProf says: Hi Geoff, If the weather was bad when the sealer went down either before, during or 24 hours after then this will have upset the sealer drying and cause the problem you have now, best thing you can do this time of year is to remove the sealer with either Tile Doctor Remov and Go or something similar and rinse it off with water afterwards and leave it until the weater improves next Summer < if only > Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/ProblemsShop.asp#TDREMOVEANDGO

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