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some of my tiles are shiney others are dull

Asked by susan from middlesbrough: I got a handy man to do my tiling in bathroom they look the same type bit they have not got the same finish some are smooth and shiny others a rough and dull is there any thing I can use tomake them all the same

TileProf says: Hi Susan, Not a lot we can do for you there, if the Tiles are from different batches then it is upto the Tiler to notice this before they are applied to the wall, if not then the Retailer donest take any responsibility, theres nothing that can be done to alter this problem on Ceramic and Porcelain when it happens, if it was a stone tile then something can be done but it would mean stripping it all back to its base and starting again which is a big cost for a newly tiled wall. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor

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