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Cracks in terracotta

Asked by Marilyn from Texas: Our unglazed, twice-sealed Mexican terracotta tiles were installed 2 1/2 years ago in the kitchen and are beginning to exhibit a crack all the way across the floor. Any idea why this would happen? (Tiles also need to be cleaned and re-sealed.)

TileProf says: Hi Marilyn, This can happen if there is joint between two floor areas, it usually happens between doorways where one concrete floor was put down at a different time to the other room, it can happen alos if there has been some movement in the foundations which has caused a stress fracture in the solid floor, even if you replce the Tiles they can crack again as the movement will still be tere, then best answer is to use a flexible grout and hope it doesnt get any worse. If it does you will need to get a civil engineer to look at it. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor

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