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Clay plant pot caused white ring on tile

Asked by Jean from Atlanta, GA: Hi, I moved a potted plant from an interior tile floor (green victorian tile)and there is now a white ring where the plant had been sitting. I have tried cleaning with marble cleaner (non-acidic)....still there. Will a poultice of some sort work to pull out the stain? Thank you for any advice!!!

TileProf says: Hi Jean, It sounds like if there was a sealer over the Tiles it is this that is damaged and not the Tile as such, if so if you remove the sealer, clean it up and then re-seal afterwards this should rectify the problem, we dont sell to the U.S as yet but you can clcik onto our link on cleaning these types of Tiles below and it will put you in the right direction. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Victorian.html

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