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mistaken grouting

Asked by Sue Thomas from France: I've just had 2 floors tiled by an experienced English tiler in France. I asked for beige tiles with white grouting. He gave me a shopping list and I returned with everything, asking why the grout pack was 'gris' and not white. He assured me it would turn white as it had white calcium deposits in it. It's still grey and looks like an utilitarian office floor. In one email he offered to de-grout and re-grout white, in another that he would give me the name of a supplier of white colourant for me to buy it and for him to apply free of charge. What would you do? Sue Thomas

TileProf says: Grout colour is your answer, either that or rip it all out and start again, which is big messy job and can often damage the edge of the Tiles in the process. Regards Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/GroutColourShop.asp

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