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The floor has been inadequately sealed

Asked by nick from Spain: The floor has been inadequately sealed (not sure what with). I would like to darken the tiles with some kind of stain & then seal with several coats. I was told that this can be done with a mix of linseed oil & white spirit. What do you think?

TileProf says: Hi Nick, Not sure what they sell in Spain but I would head to a decent Tile Shop and see if they have a liquid Polymer sealer suitable for Terra-cotta, one that lifts the colour and gives a shine, we sell one called Seal and Go but I cant it to Spain anymore due to new E.U legislation that came out last year on the Transportation of certain Chemicals, good old E.U for you, it was meant to improve trade between member E.U states not lessen it. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor

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