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Shower with slate tiles leaking

Asked by Tony from London: Hi, My bathroom is tiled with slate tiles, including the shower cubicle. I have a leak somewhere as water marks/damp is coming through the wall. My feeling is this may be due to the grouting between the shower tray and tiles. But...I don't know whether the tiles were sealed by the previous owner or not. They have certainly lost some of their shine so my question is do I need to seal them? and what should I use? Many thanks Tony

TileProf says: Hi Tony, The water will be getting through either hair line grout crack or between the shower tray and the Tiles where the Silicone is supposed to protect it, I have never come across a case where water has egressed through the stone due to there not being enough sealer on the Tile or not, it would take hours and hours for this to happen and it would have to submerged for it to get though at all, so my advice is to check your grout and silicone see if this needs touching up, the Sealer is put on for the finish look and also to keep the dirt out. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor

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