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Sealing Limestone Tiles for Power Shower Wall

Asked by vivian from cumbria: What is the best seal/sealing system for the above? Impregnating seal + topical seal? How should this be cared for/maintained? How often does it need to be renewed?

TileProf says: Hi Vivian, Got to say I wouldnt have put Limestone in a wet room, shwer wall etc its a very soft stone and Acid sensitive and all Shampoos, body soaps, etc are slightly Acidic so as not to upset Human skin which is also slightly Acidic, The downfall is that you have to put regular amounts of Sealer to combat the damage to the Sealer over a 12 month period so a top up coat once a year wouldnt be out of the question. For best reulsts for this enviroment use Tile Doctor Colour Grow. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Tile-Doctor-Colour-Grow-Sealer.asp

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