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Discoloured Granite floor tiles after water leak

Asked by Steven Mead from Hertfordshire: My Granite floor tiles have become discoloured after a water leak at a pipe at the edge of the kitchen. The water has seeped between the adhesive gaps underneath the tile. There is a concrete screed underneath which is on a waterproof membrane and obviously the granite tiles are sealed so the water cant dry out that way. Where they have become wet they are dark. Will they dry out and return to their natural colour eventually? Or what can I do? Thanks

TileProf says: Hi Steven, Granite is probably the least porous off all the natural stone you can buy and also one of the toughest, your best bet is to let them dry, maybe get a dehumidifier and leave it switched for a week or two, that should help draw out the damp, but it may never correct itself if their was a contaminant that has leached into the sides and not just water itself. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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