We are renovating a Queen Anne Listed Property. We discovered a partial quarry floor under some old Amtico and scratched our heads for a while until we found The Tile Doctor online. Mark was able to source, supply and install matching antique quarry tiles to complete a wonderful kitchen floor. He dug out lots of old concrete, laid screed, fits the tiles, cleaned and sealed them. The floor looks like it has always been there enhancing what is a lovely kitchen. He was very tolerant of all our demands during the project. He works hard, neatly and efficiently offering advice when needed. He accommodated our timings. We are delighted with the result and feel that, with Marks help, we have enhanced this lovely building of which we are fortunate to be the current custodians. Tile Doctor entirely appropriate title.

By Martin B, Worcester, 14 June 2024

    Very good. Mark was friendly and efficient.

By Robert E, Droitwich, 18 April 2024

    Happy with the work and the repair, cleaning, and restoration of our Victorian tiled floor. Mark took time to match the new tiles with the old.

By Keith M, Malvern, 19 March 2024

    Mark has been absolutely brilliant, in removing a stain from a porous stone fireplace. He gave clear and insightful guidance on the phone, promptly quoted for the work, explained on a further call what would be involved, and at the appointment itself he completely eradicated the stain and redid the finish of the whole fireplace to ensure it was even. Friendly and clear communication throughout, and real expertise.

By Tim S, Kidderminster, 14 February 2024

    Very efficient. Brought our porch tiles back to life

By Carol P, Stourbridge , 27 December 2023

    Efficient and helpful

By Elizabeth J, Lower Broadheath, 20 December 2023

    Mark did an excellent job repairing, cleaning and sealing our Victorian tile floor. We are very pleased with the results and recommend him and his work wholeheartedly.

By David B, Worcester, 14 December 2023

    Mark did an excellent job fixing and re-grouting my kitchen floor tiles. I was really please and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

By Sue C, Worcester, 04 December 2023

    Mark was friendly, polite & professional. He cleaned up my original 1930’s tiles nicely, replacing where necessary & restoring their shine.

By Helen M, Worcester , 20 November 2023

    Really pleased with the work.

By Alison O, Broadwas, 13 November 2023

    ***** Excellent job from start to finish

By Richard H, Bromsgrove , 13 November 2023

    Our limestone kitchen floor was filthy. We had tried to clean it ourselves on many occasions but it never came clean no matter how much we scrubbed. Not even the steam mop worked. Mark came over and worked his magic. It is now spotless and super shiny. 10 years of grime is now gone. We can’t believe it’s the same floor.

By Liz D, Stourbridge , 14 October 2023

    Mark did a fab job on my quarry tiles that were covered in screed and bitumen. I was told by other companies to replace the floor rather than restore it, Mark proved that they were wrong and now I have a lovely approx 100 year old floor restored to it's former glory.

By Sophie D, Naunton, 17 September 2023

    Our house was built around 1950, with quarry tiles throughout the hall, toilet and kitchen. When we moved in the tiles were looking very much the worse for wear - I could never get them looking really clean. They were made much worse recently by mess from building work which also exposed a concrete hearth. Mark broke up the concrete and laid some more tiles there (old tiles which we'd saved from window sills), and replaced some loose tiles. He thoroughly cleaned the floor and the tiled upstands, grouted where necessary, and applied sealer. It took three days and Mark worked very hard. The tiles now look as clean as new - I've never seen them looking like that. Thank you to Mark for transforming our floor!

By Rosemary H, Bromsgrove, 02 September 2023

    Mark completed our floor on time and to a very high standard that we hoped for it now looks as good as new, a very knowledgeable guy.

By Stuart I, Evesham, 14 August 2023

    Mark is brilliant. It’s not a cheap service, but he works hard with excellent results, also he’s a really nice bloke.

By Caroline T, Worcester, 03 July 2023

    Really good service and very happy with results

By Karen B, Badsey , 28 May 2023

    Great job

By Dan C, Worcester, 21 May 2023

    Great result and smashing service from Mark.

By James G, Droitwich, 13 September 2022

    We recently moved to a Georgian house with a flag stone conservatory floor. Unfortunately, the surface of the stones were flaking, making the surface rough and unsightly. Rather than replace the flag stones we turned to Mark, our local tile doctor, to use milling to smooth out the rough surfaces and then seal the floor. Mark explained exactly what was involved and then carried out an excellent job in a highly professional manner. The end product is up to expectation and now looks really good, a great improvement on the original. A job well worth doing.

By David L, Droitwich, 10 August 2022

    I wish we had this done earlier. The result is amazing! Victorian tiled floor now sparkling and a few missing pieces are replaced. Mark was very nice, polite and tidy.

By Kerstin M, Wordlsey, Stourbridge, 07 June 2022

    Great Service

By Ali C, Chatley, 01 May 2022

    Efficient, friendly service. Professional quality. Very pleased.

By Duncan G, Vlent, 27 April 2022

    An excellent job by Mark who has brought the quarry tiles in our hall back to life, cleaning and sealing them. They now look wonderful when you open the door and walk in. Mark was friendly, professional and efficient and left us with tips on how to keep them looking good.

By Sue P, Bromsgrove, 04 April 2022

    Mark was excellent at his job. Our limestone floor was in a poor condition and now we feel as if we have a totally new one. Mark was a nice guy who was a pleasure to have around for five days.

By Caroline T, Worcester, 14 March 2022

    Fantastic job done by Mark . Our old tiles came up so much better than I thought they would. GreAt job

By Georgie R, Worcester, 16 December 2021

    The work carried out was to a very good standard.

By Bryan B, Handsworth, 11 December 2021

    Friendly, efficient and professional service, and my victorian tiles have been given an entirely new lease of life! I couldn't be more pleased :-)

By Julia N, Malvern , 30 October 2021

    Very nice work by Mark who cleaned and sealed tiling in the vestibule attached to our hall, including replacing some tiles that had gone missing and fixing a hole where there was a gap into the void below. It looks excellent, and he gave us some tips on how to keep it this way.

By Peter L, Birmingham, 01 September 2021

    Mark was very knowledgeable about the problem I had caused with the quarry tiles in the kitchen. He completed a restoration and it looks amazing. Such a massive improvement on the state they were in following my accidentally dropping an oven cleaning solution! Highly recommend Mark. The quality of his work is outstanding.

By David P, Stourbridge, 12 August 2021

    Mark was very knowledgeable and accommodating regarding our minton and quarry tile flooring. It looks fantastic. He was always happy to help answer all our questions and put up with our needs and being careful not to let the dog out whilst carry out the works.

By Helen T, Kidderminster, 08 August 2021

    Very pleased with the tiles, Mark did a great job on them

By Chris H, Worcester, 05 July 2021

    Absolutely excellent. Our floors have been transformed after much hard work. The service was also excellent, helpful, friendly and efficient.

By Hazel F, Elmbridge, 17 May 2021

    The quality of the work was exceptional. Mark did a brilliant job. The Minton tiles in the hall and the slate tiles in the kitchen have never looked so good. Thank you so much Mark.

By Yvonne T, Tyseley, 16 May 2021

    We have just had Mark back to do another job for us, again he was friendly, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to have in our home. The work he has carried out is first class and our tiles look amazing. A big thank you Mark for another great job well done!

By Mel C, Worcester, 28 March 2021

    Really great service, Mark worked incredibly hard on restoring our terracotta tiles and went the extra mile with working long hours over the weekend too! The floor looks great.

By Thea C, Pershore, 16 March 2021

    Efficient and professional . One can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear but the outcome is a significant improvement. Thank you.

By Mike S, Worcester, 01 March 2021

    Mark did a very good job and the floor is certainly better. My only grouch is that his charge (£485) was a lot higher than his verbal estimate (about £300). This was ascribed to sealant which we asked for anyway.

By Robin H, Norton Worcester, 22 February 2021

    We are really pleased with the service. The minton floor in our hall was looking very sorry with missing/loose tiles and generally in need of a good clean. Mark took time to reset the loose and replace missing tiles, then cleaned the floor and applied a matt seal. The colours have come up so much brighter. He kept us advised throughout and was exceptionally clean and tidy whilst in our house. We would thoroughly recommend the service indeed our next door neighbour has already asked for a quote.

By Jo G, Stourbridge, 21 February 2021

    Excellent service from specialist and Tile Doctor. Materials required already on system through quote process, so ordering really easy. Friendly service and next day delivery of materials.

By Carol H, Halesowen , 10 January 2021

    Stain gone like magic

By Victoria E, Grimly, 31 December 2020

    Really cleaned up the tiles, it looks like a new floor. Really pleased with the outcome

By Garry P, Worcester, 23 December 2020

    Mark completed the works in a quiet,efficient and friendly manner. We are delighted with the results.

By John W, Leominster, 13 December 2020

    Great work by Mark and Mick. Quarry tiles look great now!

By Matt C, Abberton, 10 December 2020

    Mark Conway revitalised a Victorian tile floor, achieving better results than we expected. We are delighted and are happy to recommend Mark to others.

By Jim W, Worcester , 29 November 2020

    Great service, thank you

By Helen E, Cofton Hackett, 27 November 2020

    Mark was extremely knowledgable and did an amazing job on our tiles. He was very accommodating as well, as this was part of a larger renovation project. We could not be happier.

By Julian D, Droitwich Spa,, 15 November 2020

    Excellent service. Our kitchen, utility room, hall and bathroom travertine floors were in a bad way, very dirty and dull (which no amount of mopping wouldn't get out), dark stained grout, some pitting etc. Now all fixed and looks like a brand new floor - we can't believe the difference. Mark was an exceptional worker. Initial visit to review the work needed, agreed price and start date which was kept to, pleasure to have in the house, worked with us to ensure we had access to rooms as needed, finished on time. Thank you so much.

By Jill C, Worcester, 28 September 2020

    Our slate drive and patio looked tired and faded, Mark was excellent in making it look brand new, a very professional job from a very nice guy, highly recommended !!!

By Steve W, Great Whiteley, 14 September 2020

    Mark has just finished work on our limestone hallway, Wow, what a fantastic job he has done. Mark was friendly and professional and answered any questions we had regarding our flooring. I would highly recommend Mark. An excellent job and thank you for all your hard work, the limestone floor looks amazing! With thanks Mel & Martin

By Mel C, Worcester, 14 September 2020

    Efficient, friendly & helpful service. Recommend highly.

By M A, Worcester, 17 August 2020

    The floors look amazing. Mark has done a fabulous job. Highly recommended.

By Kate E, Shatterford, 16 August 2020

    Very prompt reply and quick to come and do work. Gave good advice, thank you.

By Fiona M, Stourbridge, 06 July 2020

    We are very pleased with the work

By Robert S, Malvern, 29 June 2020

    Excellent service and workmanship

By Lee K, Worcester, 18 May 2020

    Mark took unbelievable pride and care in his work and has restored out Minton tiled hallway to its former glory. We would thoroughly recommend him to anyone with a similar floor.

By Iain F, Strourbridge, 16 February 2020

    Mark was prompt, professional and friendly. Thanks for helping to bring our old quarry tiles back to life.

By Emma H, Malvern, 17 December 2019

    Great service from start to finish excellent job

By Helen E, Kidderminster , 25 November 2019

    Our floor wasn't easy as it had some form of coating on it which was difficult to remove but Mark took a lot of time to ensure the surface was thoroughly clean before the sealant was put down. Very pleased with how it looks.

By K. B, Kidderminster, 15 November 2019

    Mark carried out the work in an efficient and professional manner It was a difficult Travertine floor but he rose to the challenge, Will continue to contact him when needed.

By David , Bewdley, 14 October 2019

    Really pleased with Marks work! He was really helpful and gave advice all the way through. I would definitely recommend- our stained old quarry tiles have been given a new lease of life!

By Amy C, Blakedown, 30 September 2019

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with both reviews. Mark is such a nice guy. Very patient with all my questions and he did a great job changing and matching broken tiles, deep cleaning and sealing my old Victorian tiled entry that was damaged by tenants. Looking great now. Thank you Mark.

By Mylissa , Great Malvern, 23 September 2019

    Exceeded our expectations. Mark was polite and easy to deal with.

By Mrs N, Pershore, 02 September 2019

    An excellent service from Mark. He knows his stuff. Has totally transformed my tile floor with an expert and skilled thorough clean.

By Purser N, Worcestershire , 27 August 2019

    Excellent service. Finished output is a great balance between replacement and renovation of existing tiles. Service represented good value for money.

By Rupert D, Bromsgrove, 19 August 2019

    I was very pleased to have chosen Mark to do our work. He.responded quickly and was flexible in arranging the timing of the job. He also made sure we understood the options before we settled on a particular co rse of action. Whilst doing the work, he was pleasant, professional and worked hard all the time he was with us.we ended up with a great result. And he made a great fuss of our little dog who absolutely loved him! Thanks Mark.

By Trevor B, Evesham, 22 July 2019

    Mark was friendly and professional and did an amazing job renovating our Victorian Tiled Hallway. We had just moved in and found this floor under some laminate and hadn't a clue where to start but thanks to Ma k it now looks absolutely fantastic. We are so proud to show it off. Thanks Mark

By Julia S, Droitwich , 02 July 2019

    Mark Conway was an absolute star. He worked so hard on our Church floor. It looks magnificent now and everyone has commented on how beautiful it looks. Mark was such a nice friendly and helpful person and went the extra mile. Thanks Mark. A brilliant job.

By Mr P, Worcester, 28 May 2019

    Mark was a hard working and very pleasant chap who did a fantastic job we are very pleased with the end result

By Nick S, Everham, 20 May 2019

    Mark proved to be a good choice for the three different floors that we needed to renovate. He explained clearly what he could do for each of them, carried out the work efficiently, and produced a finished job of a high standard. Mark is a good worker who is also easy to have around the house....always an important aspect in the middle of major work being done.

By Adrian G, Worcester, 08 April 2019

    The work was carried out to a high standard and the team were both professional and efficient. The cleaning and sealing of our Church 14C tiles was of concern to us, as we had never had them professionally cleaned in the past. However, this concern was misplaced and we are now happy to recommend Mark for future work for any other church who have similar problems with their tiles. Many thanks. John Gorton

By Valerie A, Little Witley,, 23 January 2019

    Mark was professional, reliable and provided an excellent all round service.

By Clare K, Worcester, 12 January 2019

    Mark was very efficient and professional. Worked hard and did a good job. Very pleased with results.

By Sue R, Hartlebury, 20 December 2018

    We are very happy with the work that Mark carried out for us. Mark was very professional and always responded quickly to any enquiries that we had. We have recommended Mark to our friends and family. Thank you

By Lydia B, Droitwich Spa, 12 December 2018

    Excellent professional job would not hesitate to recommend

By Carol W, Chadsley Corbett, 02 November 2018

    Professional, tidy worker and as quoted. Very pleased.

By Philip , Worcester, 24 October 2018

    Very pleased with the result. Mark arrived on time every day and was sure to tidy away after himself, leaving no mess. Our Victorian tiled hallway now has a new lease of life and people are already asking who did it I would have no hesitation in Recommending Mark Wayne Newman Worcester

By Wayne N, Worcester, 29 September 2018

    Very friendly

By Caroline M, Worcester, 17 September 2018

    I could not find anyone locally to carry out the work on the discoloured grout on my ceramic floor tiles - they were ruining the look of my new kitchen - so finding the Tile Doctor was a real godsend . Mark came promptly and was very reassuring - the work was done quickly and efficiently and the finished result was amazing - I love my tiles again ! Mark was pleasant and helpful - nothing was too much trouble and it was a pleasure to have him working in the house - he also gave me some good advice as to how to keep the tiles looking their best . Thanks to him an experience I had dreaded turned in to a very positive one - so a big thank you to Mark and the Tile Doctor - I would recommend you to anyone who has a problem with their tiles .

By Mrs F, Kidderminster, 19 July 2018