Stone Oil being used by Warwickshire Tile Doctor on Limestone tiled floor

     TILE DOCTOR ®          Stone Oil for restoring colour and texture

Tile Doctor Stone Oil

Tile Doctor Stone Oil - Pre-Polish colour enhancing impregnating sealer
Tile Doctor Stone Oil is an easy to apply pre-polish impregnating sealer, ideal for low porosity stone and terracotta designed to enhance the colour and texture of floors and improve mechanical strength once cured.
Use on Polished Marble, Terracotta, natural stone and other porous tiles where a natural look is required, effective for interior or exterior applications.

Coverage; per 10m2 per 1ltr on lower porosity floors approx. and 2ltrs per 10m2 for higher porosity floors.
Method of Application Recommended for the following Surfaces
1.) Read entire label before using.

2.) Shake Well.

3.) Ensure surface to be treated is completely dry and free from Contaminants which may prevent Stone Oil from properly curing.

4.) Apply by Brush, Paint pad or lint free cloth depending on the required application, please note more porous stone may require more than one application, remove any excess Oil that has not been fully absorbed with in an hour with Lint free cloths.

5.) Leave to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before finishing the surface with a suitable sealer.

Important if using this product outside finish with a coat of Tile Doctor Ultra-seal to offer extra protection.

6.) Used cloths should be burnt after use, as they may spontaneously combust.

Natural Stone
Polished Marble

Shopping Information
1 litre tin £14.99 each.
Postage & Packing £7.50 (Incl.VAT) for 1 item, £10 (Incl.VAT) for two or more items.
Limitations Handling & Storage
♦ Not suitable for floors without a damp proof membrane, ie Victorian floor Tiles.
♦ Rapid oxidisation may inhibit effectiveness of the product.
♦ Allow good ventilation during application.
♦ Avoid direct sunlight if working outside as this will effect curing times.
♦ Stone oil may cure more rapidly in dry or higher temperature conditions.
♦ Gloves and protective glasses should be worn during application
♦ Do not empty into drains and avoid release to the environment.
IF INGESTED:Seek immediate medical attention.
SKIN CONTACT:Contact can cause an itchy rash and mild irritation, wash thoroughly after handling, if symptoms persists seek medical attention.
EYE CONTACT:May cause irritation and redness, flush immediately with water if symptoms persists seek medical attention.
INHALATION:May cause congestion of the lungs causing severe shortness of breath, if symptoms persists seek medical attention.