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Travertine dull after installation

Asked by Joan Margalith from Cricklewood, London (NW2 3BP): We had travertine tiled into our kitchen. The tiler did not clean them properly and they look dull and dusty. It seems that the sealant was applied when they were not properly cleaned. Can anything be done to redeem them? I worry that the sealant will have ruined them.

gpslancaster says: Best to use a a product we sell called Remove and Go, apply as directed on the bottle and then rinse off afdter using, it would help if you had a Wet Vac Machine to suck up the residue left over, if not you will find the result unsatisfatory, rinse with water, Vac Again, then leave to fully dry. Once dry apply 2 coats of Ultra-seal to the surface for a nice low sheen finish. Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Lancaster

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