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poor finish on tiles

Asked by linda burley from suffolk: Hi, I have just had travertine tiles layed by someone who I thought was a professional tiler but turned out not to be. He sealed the tiles before grouting and then again afterwards. However, the tiles have a very smeary finish. Have tried grout residue remover which has no impact. Any ideas? Thanks

TileProf says: Hi Linda, Spoke to you earlier, cant see a need to take this link down as you dont name the Tiler personally, so he cant have any response to this message. The only answer to your problem is to take off the sealer first, with Remove and Go www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Remover, then rinse with water, leave to dry for a couple of hours and see how it looks, if it is still smeary then this will indicate the Tiler has not taken off the Grout haze, as such the only answer is to use Grout Clean Up, used sparingly and only left on the stone for a couple of minutes at a time before rinsing and vaxing it up. Then leave to dry overnight and re-seal, Tile Doctor Colour Grow is good on this, polish off any excess sealer within 5 to 10 minutes of applying it and polsh the flor with a clean cloth otherwise you may get the same result the Tiler left you. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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