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Bleached on top of shiny side up travertine

Asked by Kelley from Peterborough: Daughter thought she was being rather helpful last week and bleached the newly layed travertine tiles in our bathroom. The glaze has gone from the tiles and has left patches of glaze and dull finish. I have tried to use Lithofin stain stop and power clean but to no effect. is the floor ruined??

strestore says: Hi, The floor is not ruined, but it is beyond DIY help. The surface has been acid etched. Any acidic chemicals put onto calcium carbonate floors (travertine, limestone and marble) will etch them in seconds. Orange juice for example will permanently etch a shiny Calcium carbonate floor in less than 30 seconds. That's the bad news. The good news is that if you buy good quality stone and lay it in your house, then it is the same stone all the way through the thickness of the tile and so just like wood....if you sand or grind the surface off, then it is the same underneath material underneath. If your floor is travertine then it never had a glaze on it. It was just polished stone. You need a quote from a Tile Doctor to come out and re-polish or re grind your floor. Polshing stone is not putting a chemical polish on to make it shiny. It is grinding the surface of the stone to such a fine degree that the scratches become invisible to see, and the shine gradually returns as the Tile Doctor works his way though his diamond tools. Hope this helps Regards John Carden Tile Doctor Tyneside & Co Durham

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