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Cleaning Travertine

Asked by Pearl from Northamptonshire: Hi, We have had Tavertine floor tiles layed in the kitchen, conservatory and utility. The tiler has sealed the tiles. I would wish to know the best method to clean the tiles and also whether we should also use some form of varnish. I have been looking at a H20MOPX5 steam cleaner, no chemicals are used with this steam cleaner. We have a polished surface in hall and dining room and thought a steam cleaner would be appropriate for all tiled floors,however was not sure about Travertine floor. Would appreciate your advise Regards Pearl Would appreciate your feed back

TileProf says: Hi Pearl, A big no on the steam cleaner im afraid, this pumps out hot steam at over a 100 degrees and more which will damage your sealer, I find they work well on Ceramics and Porcelain but not on stone tiles which have been sealed. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor p.,s Try instead cleaning with a ph neutral cleaner, mop and bucket, vac first through. http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Tile-Stone-Cleaner.asp

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