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Holes appearing in travertine wall tile

Asked by Dennis Cleak from Lancashire: We have had Travertine Wall Tiles in our downstairs toilet for many years without any problem.Professionally installed and great looking. Problem is on of the tiles has started to develop holes in the face in the areas where there are the whiteish coloured little patches.It almost looks as if someone has hit it with a screw driver etc which they havent! Any ideas what the probelm is and what I can do about it?:

TileProf says: Hi There, Sounds like the filler is coming out, this can happen where the water hits the Travertine at a certain angle and aslo if the sealer needs topping up. You can use a Flexible wall grout like Mapei Ultra colour to fill the holes up again,we sell 5 different colours on the website. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Mapei-Grout-Shop.asp#Ultracolour Russell Taylor Tile Doctor Ltd

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