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Asked by vivian from cumbria: Voids have appeared in my honed (filled) travertine floor where hidden (or incorrectly filled) voids have "broken through". These, naturally, fill with dirt. What do I use to "invisibly" fill & finish these holes to match the rest of the floor before general cleaning & sealing?

TileProf says: Hi Vivian, This is a very common problem on Travertine, unlik its tougher sister Marble, Travertine is like a Chocoalte Aero bar in the middle and full of holes, thats why its a lot cheaper than Marble due to this naturaaly occoring Problem, even if the Tiler did do his job properly the chances are holes are going to develop over time where it gets walkked on the most. The answer is straight forward though we recommend you use a Flexible grout < rrather than Resin filler > as this will expand and contract as required to do so. we seel a Great grout called Mapei Ultra-colour in Jasmine or grey, see this link below for more info. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Mapei-Grout-Shop.asp#Keraquick

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