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Asked by Alice from Pemberton: Hi We have had our bathroom regrouped recently - the original grout was very dark grey, the new grout is ivory. Unfortunately after the new grout has been put on you can still see the old grout around the edges of the tiles. We have tried to scratch it off but it won't shift without damaging the tile. Can you think how we can get rid of this? Thanks

TileProf says: Hi Alice, Quite a coomon problem when it comes to regrouting, rather than go through this onerous task all over again, I suggest you try a grout colour, this will hide the stain and you can still kpee to an Ivory finish, it will also seal the grout as well, we have an excellent range of colours on our website shoppage see link below. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/GroutColourant.html

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