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gruout remover took polished shine

Asked by Tundi from London: Hi When we put on our new polished mosaic travertine tiles, and used a grout remover liquid, we were left with ugly matt tiles.. :-( Is there any product that we can use to restore the polished shine?

TileProf says: Hi Tundi, The grout remover would have been Acidic, so as such this not only takes off the grout haze but damages the Polish as well. To be honest you would be best to call a Tile Doctor out to resurect it, because you will need to get hold of some expensive equipment, know how to use it and feel confident that you know what your about beofre you can contemplate getting a Polished Tile back to looking good again. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor p.s see link below for more info on our Free Home service enquiry. http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/HomeService.asp

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