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Dirty and darkened

Asked by kate from bedford: Hi we have a travertine floor in the kitchen and the tiler put a couple of coats of sealant on the floor after fitting 5 months ago, saying we wouldnt need to re do it for at least a yera. The floor has darkened and is looking patchy and very engrained in places. How do we bring it back to its pale honey colour that it started out as and how long should a seal last? Would really appreciate advice. Many thanks. also looking for brick shaped rustic terracotts tiles for another room do you have?

TileProf says: Hi Kate, I would try using a buffing machine and some of our Burnishing pads, it mean a bit of an outlay from your side but Chemical cleaning is old hat and very messy and smelly. click on the link below for more info on how to clean Travertine Tiles properly. Regards Russell at Tile Doctor http://www.tiledoctor.co.uk/Travertine.html

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