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Lancashire North Tile Doctor
Operated by Heidi and Russell Taylor who provide tile cleaning, stone cleaning, grout cleaning and tile, stone and grout sealing services throughout the North Lancashire area.
Tile Doctor Vinyl Strip 5 litre
Tile Doctor Vinyl Strip is an effective heavy duty floor polish stripper that quickly removes polish and films and coatings from vinyl floors. Its biodegradable, phosphate free and leaves a pleasant floral fragrance.
Flagstone Cleaning and Restoration
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Flagstone Tile Cleaning

Flagstone is a general term used to describe large blocks of stone which are normally made from Sandstone or Slate however its not unusual to get Marble and Limestone Flags as well, especially in old Churches and Abbeys. Like any natural stone it needs to be sealed to protect it and bring out its beauty and colour.

A lot of Flagstone floors found in 200+ year old cottages is termed as Thick Flags and are a dense form of Sandstone, so there can be some confusion about the term Flagstone in the retail sector, but if you ask any Geologist worth his salt he will tell you that Thick Flags and Sandstone are a different entity although similar in composition in many ways.

Flagstone Tile Maintenance

Given the different types of stone that Flagstones can be made from we recommend you visit our specific information pages for general maintenance information.

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Sandstone Tile Maintenance
Marble Tile Cleaning

Sandstone Tile Maintenance
Sandstone Tile Cleaning

Sandstone Tile Maintenance
Slate Tile Cleaning

Slate Tile Maintenance

Flagsone Restoration with Milling

Usually when we are asked to clean these old flagstone floors, whether it be true Thick Flagstone or a mixture of weathered Slate or Sandstone, they are often in a very poor state of repair and we have to offer something that is a bit different to get the stone back to looking anywhere near what it should look like. As a result we have developed a system called Milling which uses a heavy weighted buffing machine fitted with a very coarse 50-grit segmented diamond pad running at slow speed to cut the stone down a few millimetres. This process works in the same way a carpenter would treat damaged wood, i.e. he wood sand it down and then polish it with an oil, well we do the same using various grits of diamond pads and then when done apply a sealer.

To get a better idea of whats involved take a look at the following article: Shaling 300 Year Old Flagstone floor restored with milling in Chorley.

Flagstone Milling Pads

To mill the floor start with the very coarse 50-grit pad first, then apply the 100-grit and 200-grit pad to restore the surface, use water to lubricate during the milling process and rinse the floor with water to remove the slurry between each pad.

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17 Inch  50 Grit Very Coarse Milling Pad
17 Inch 50-grit very coarse diamond milling Pad for resurfacing stone floors.

17 Inch 100 Grit Very Coarse Milling Pad
17 Inch 100 Grit very coarse diamond milling Pad for resurfacing rough stone floors after milling. Can also be used for cleaning Victorian floor tiles.

17 Inch 200 Grit Coarse Milling Pad
17 Inch Coarse 200-grit diamond Milling Pad for resurfacing stone floors after milling. Can also be used for cleaning Victorian floor tiles.

DRB 17 Inch  50 Grit Extra Coarse Milling Pad with Segments
Extra Coarse 17 inch 50 grit milling pad with DRB (Diamond Resin Block) segments for milling rough or uneven stone floors and resolving lippage issues.

Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel 1 Litre
Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel is a Strong Alkaline Based Gel cleaner and degreaser which works well on Vertical surfaces where a long dwell time is required.

Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel 5 Litre
Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel is a Strong Alkaline Based Gel cleaner and degreaser which works well on Vertical surfaces where a long dwell time is required.

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