4 Inch Diamond Wet and Dry Polishing Pad - Step 1
 4 Inch Diamond Wet and Dry Polishing Pad - Step 1
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4 Inch Diamond Wet and Dry Polishing Pad - Step 1
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Step 1 of 3 - Wet and Dry Stone Polishing Pad

4-inch diamond wet and dry polishing pad designed to fit a hand held Flex Machine and ideal for polishing corners, edges on stone worktops and Flooring where larger pads cannot reach.


These pads polishing pad are designed to produce a high-quality shine on Basalt, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Polished Stone, Stone Tesserae Mosaics and Travertine. Not to be used on a surface with a high resin content such as Quartz as the heat from the polishing will burn the Resin in the stone and not to be used alongside Encaustic patterned tiles as the pattern will be removed

Manufactured using high density diamonds to improve sharpness and extend longevity they need only half the effort when compared to the traditional 7 step polishing process.


Always check for suitability and usage by conducting a small test first on the area to be treated. Please note you will require all 3 pads and follow the step system for best results. This is a polishing system and will achieve a high finish used correctly, this is not a cleaning system on its own, these pads are mainly used on highly polished stone surfaces which have lost their shine.

Step 1 - Starting with the number 1 pad, attach to the Flex machine and with 2 hands holding the machine for guidance start off slow with a speed setting of a 2 or 3. Add a little bit of water and some pressure to the machine and work in a left to right motion complete an oval style pattern. If too much water is applied wipe up the excess before continuing, if too little then add a little bit more. These pads can be applied dry if working outside but it will generate dust. If working inside its best to use a bit of water to dampen the dust. Once you have completed the area in full you can wipe up the excess and then move onto step 2.

Step 2 - Same as before but changing to the number 2 pads, make sure to cover all the edges and corners.

Step 3 - Again, same as before but this time you can increase the speed of the Flex machine to the number 4 or number 5 setting or no 5 if you feel comfortable. Use the same amount of water as before.

Once clean and dry you can seal the stone, we recommend the use of Colour Grow on coloured stone and Ultra-Seal for pale stone. If you have a Black Stone then try an Oil based Resin sealer Like X-Tra seal and make sure you polish off any excess with cotton cloths after a few minutes of the seal being applied, test first to get a feel of the seal and how it soaks into the stone for best results.

For an even higher polish to be achieved use Shine Powder alongside a hand-held polishing machine with small 6-inch white buffing pads. Again, always test first.

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4 inch diamond wet and dry polishing pad, step 1 of 3, manufactured to fit a hand held Flex Machine and designed to produce a high-quality shine on polished stone including Granite, Limestone, Marble, and Travertine.
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